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Scholarship for International Students・School Fees Reductions

Exemption of Application fee and Tuition fees for New Students(2018)

1) Application fee
(Enrollment 2018)

\30,000.- → \0 (Total exemption for the entrance as a freshman or transfer <Junior> )
\35,000.- → \0

2) Tuition fees and so on for the 1st school year
(Enrollment 2018)

 40% of exemption for the entrance as a freshman or transfer <Junior> )

(When a student’s academic achievement has been below average or if his/her conduct has significantly deteriorated, he/she may not be eligible for reduced tuition in the second academic year.)

Payment Options Payment in the first year entering as a freshman Payment in the first year entering as a transfer<Junior>
Admission Fee 200,000- JPY 200,000- JPY
Tuition 805,000- JPY 805,000- JPY
Tuition fee exemption system(2016) -322,000- JPY -322,000- JPY
Facilities Fee 428,100- JPY 414,310- JPY
Total 1,111,100- JPY 1,097,310- JPY
* Please kindly bear the bank remittance charge by yourself. Especially if applicant is making bank remittance from outside of Japan, you have to pay remittance charge of bank to both your home country’s bank and Japanese one.
* Fees above mentioned must be paid to the designated account within 1 week after the issuance of the “Certificate of Eligibility” and “Certificate of Admission” which is issued for successful applicant by TUSW will be sent by Express mailing Service.
* In addition to the above-mentioned fees, applicants will have to pay textbook fees (approximately \20,000.-, somewhat different from every year) and fee for National Health Insurance (approximately \11,000.-) after entering university.  

Scholarship from Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

Name of scholarship

Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students (No need for repayment)

Students who are eligible for the scholarship:

Regular Undergraduate and Graduate Students, International Research Students and Japanese Language Program Students are all eligible.

Scholarship amount

48,000 yen per month

1) This scholarship is not applicable to all the students. Only some students will be eligible.
2) There are conditions for applying for this scholarship, such as student
s academic achievement of the previous year, average amount sent from a students private funding source, amount of funding from other scholarships and the annual income of a students financial supporter residing in Japan
3) The scholarship will be paid from the second academic year on.

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